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This location has a GhostsWikia rating rating of four. This means that it has two ghosts

The Octagon House

The Octagon House, located in Washington D.C, United States of America is, despite its name,shaped like a hexagon. In the center of the building is a large winding staircase, which serves as a corridor leading to the rooms. It was built to maximize space on the small lot on which it is built. Octagon House was built by Colonel John Tayloe III in 1799. Colonel Tayloe was well known as the richest plantation owner in the US (at the time). He owned the Mount Airy Plantation in Virginia. He built Octagon House as a second home in DC to maintain his friendship with politicians. Colonel Tayloe was father to fifteen children. His daughters where renowned for their beauty and the Colonel entered them in various competitions. Colonel Tayloe was also a strong patriot and distinctly anti-British. This was a controversial position at the time and led to the reputation as aggressive and abusive.  He is rumored to have murdered two of his daughters.

When the Tayloes moved out, Octagon House was used as a temporary home for President James Madison and his wife, Dolly, following the destruction of the White House. The Tayloes sold the building and the buyer converted the building into an apartment building, Today, the building is a museum.

The Octagon House is rumored to be home to a pair of ghosts.

Dolley MadisonEdit

Dolley Madison, Who Was born to two Virginia Plantation Owners (Coincidentally), one out of Nine children, Her Maiden name was Payne. Her family moved to Philadelphia and it is there she met John Todd. Her first husband, Todd died however, of yellow fever. This led Dolley to move to Washington D.C with her son William. It was here that she met the future President, And Future husband, James Madison.

Dolley Madison was of course, The First lady of President James Madison, They did move back to Philadelphia (James's hometown) But went back to D.C when James Became involved in politics, and eventually became the President. Dolley was originally a Quaker but converted to Episcopalian when her Husband did. In Washington D.C the Madisons became friends with Colonel Tayloe. The Tayloe's However moved out during 1809, and so she only actually knew the family for a short period of time. During the war with the British during 1812 the White House was badly damaged by the British setting fire to it, and so they moved to the Octagon House as a temporary residence.

It was said that during her time in the Octagon House, Dolley developed the habit of wearing a turban. (She believed it made her look taller, Shortly after they moved back into the White House, James Madison Resigned. Dolley Died years later On a Plantation in Virginia.

For Whatever reason, Dolley Madison haunts the Octagon House. The image of the first lady has been seen wondering the house, wearing her turban. Why She haunts the Octagon House is completely unknown, She may have enjoyed her time there to the extent that the ghost decided to move back there.

Daughter of Mr. Tayloe Anne Tayloe was One of Colonel John Tayloe III, As where many of the Tayloe Daughters, She was renowned for her beauty and was entered in many competitions by her father as a result. During the Buildup to the war or 1812 the British started Sending many of there troops to Washington D.C. This made the Anglophobic Colonel Tayloe Slightly Paranoid, Especially since his daughter, Anne, met one. The daughter fell in love with a British Soldier and started to Frequently Visit him, Secretly, Because she knew that her possessive father would certainly not approve of their Affair. Eventually though, Word spread that a Tayloe was in love with a British Soldier, and the Rumour Eventually reached Colonel Tayloe, He was worried by this thought and set spies on each of her daughters. And soon discovered that it was in fact Anne, who was In love with a British Soldier. Angered, the Colonel Banned her Daughter from ever Leaving the Octagon . One night, the daughter returned home from a rendezvous. She took a candle and crept quietly up the stairs. But she met her father on the third floor landing. The two got into a fierce argument, and the daughter was so distraught, she jumped over the railing to her death. Ever Since then, the daughter's Ghost has been seen throughout the house. But especially in the Staircase area, occasionally the ghost will relive her death. The Ghost of Anne seemed persistent to torment the Killer, To the extent that Colonel John Tayloe III was forced to briefly move back to Mt Airy to avoid the hauntings. Another Incident and haunting related to this tale is that, after the death of Anne, Her British Lover Went to the Octagon House to confront the colonel, However, At the time the Tayloe's where away on a long trip. And So the Soldier was attacked by their French Servant, In a panic, the soldier stabbed the servant, Killing Her. To hide the body, The British soldier hid the body in the wall. For years afterwards, Thumping sounds where heard from within the wall, until around a hundred years later when they Uncovered the body, and gave it a proper burial. Ironically, Years later when the Family moved back, Another Daughter had a love affair with a Brit. This indeed led to an argument on the staircase witch led to him pushing past. this daughter lost her balance, fell down the stairs, and broke her neck. People had seen shadows of burning candles, too.

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