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This location has a GhostsWikia rating of three. This means that it has one ghost

Sunnyvale Toys'R'Us

The Sunnyvale Toys'R'Us is a store erected in 1970 over an old ranch that existed in the 1800s. It is located in Sunnyvale, California.

Johnny JohnsonEdit

Johnny Johnson is the name of the ghost haunting the Sunnyvale Toys'R'Us in California. He does not haunt the Toys'R'Us specifically, but he does haunt the land that it was built on. As the building was built on the same piece of land that he died on.

Before the Toys'R'Us was built, the area where it is today was a farm. Johnny Johnson was a farmer during the 1800s. Johnny Johnson was not actually his former name. He was an immigrant by the name of Johann Yansen. But his collages called him Johnny Johnson.

Johnson was apparently a mentally challenge man.

Johnson fell in love with the ranch owner's daughter, Beth Murphy. Although it was known that he was infatuated with her among the ranch hands, Johnson was never able to tell Beth that he loved her. As a result, he was devastated when Beth moved away to Boston to live with her new husband.

Johnny became very deppressed. He also caught a viral infection that damaged his brain (Which may be the source of his supposed mental disabillity. One day Johnson was told to chop wood. He was later found dead near the farm well. He had hacked into his own leg and bled to death.

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