Polish Museum Of America

The Polish Museum of America, In Chicago, Illinois, USA. Is a Museum about the country of Poland and all things poland, the Museum has many pieces of artwork by polish artists, as well as many other interesting artifacts. It also has resources to teach the community about Poland and well known poles.

The museum was built in 1937 in order to replace a polish library and a similar museum that burnt down, After the fires many citizens of chicago protested that there should be something to replace these, especially since chicago has the biggest Polish-American population in the USA.

the Polish Museum of america is also haunted.

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Ignacy PaderewskiEdit

Ignacy Paderewski was a famous Polish pianist and then Polish prime minister, Born in 1860, Paderewski was the son of a landowner and was considored to be especially talented musically. He was sent to a music school where his piano playing skills became so great, that after he graduated from the school he was asked to teach piano to other students.

Paderewski continued as a Pianist until his wife died, after this incident, Paderweski decided that he should compose instead. This made him a worldwide phenom, he later re-married and started to tour the world preforming plays and ochestra's that he himself had composed. Paderewski also became known for donating much of his money to the Polish government, so that they could use his money for monuments in krakow, For this reason, Paderewski became heavily involved in the Polish Government.

During the First World War, Ignacy Paderewski became leader of the Polish relief fund. This fund aimed to gather enough money from Great Britain so that they could make Poland independant again. When this succeeded, Paderewski became the Prime minister of poland by default. Whilst Paderewski was in office, he represented Poland at the Versailles agreement, and although he was successful in getting much more territory for poland he did not succeed in getting all of the territory's that his fellow politicians wished for. For this reason, Paderewski became unpopular among politicians and was forced to resign after only a year in office.

After this, Paderewski returned to his artistic life. He began to travel the world composing music again, and he bought land in California. Whilst he was in California he also agreed to help direct films, but not before he returned to composing music. Paderewski also began to tour again.

During one such tour in New York, in 1941, Paderewski fell ill and became unable to leave his bedroom at the Buckingham Hotel. Paderewski later died at the hotel aged 80, because he died in the hotel, any of Paderewski's possessions (That were not given or claimed by a relative or friend) where given to the Buckingham Hotel, The Buckingham Hotel then donated these to the Polish Museum of America.

The Polish Museum of america has set up an entire room dedicated to Ignacy Paderewski. In Which many of Paderewski's old belongings are, it is believed that Paderewski's ghost has followed his things to the Polish Museum of America and now haunts the museum. Many Employees and visitors to the museum have heard or seen things, and many people are even too worried to go into the museum at night.