Loftus Hall is a large mansion located in Wexford, Ireland. It is know as the most haunted house in Ireland.

History Edit

The house was built by the Redmand family in 1350 during the time of Black Death. It replaced their original castle at Houseland near Portersgate. The property later came into possession of the Loftus family in the 1650s due to a result of the Cromwellian confiscations and this was confirmed after the Restoration of King Charles II of England by the Act of Settlement 1662. In 1917, it was converted into a convent, in 1983 it was converted into a hotel. After this, Loftus Hall was abandon until 2011, where it would become a tourist attraction.

Ghosts Edit

In the 1780s, the Loftus family were away on business, they invited the Tottenham's to watch over the mansion in their absence. When the family moved in to Loftus Hall they brought their only child , their daughter named Anne, with them. On a stormy night, a man visited the house looking for shelter. They welcomed him into the house, the storm raged on for days. Anne eventually fell in love with the stranger. One evening, the four were enjoying a game of cards, Anne realized she dropped the card to the floor, as she went to retrieve it, she then saw her lovers feet, the feet of the Devil. The Devil makes it through the roof, leaving a large hole in the ceiling, which could never be repaired. Anne became pregnant, and was concerned she may be carrying the child of the Devil. Once she gave birth, her parents murdered the infant, and buried it in the walls of the tapestry room, a priest was called to preform an exorcism on the house. Anne spent the last few years of her life locked away in the tapestry room, where the remains of her child were buried within the walls, the skeletal remains of the infant were later discovered in the 1870s during the house being renovated. People have also seen Orbs and manifestations around the house.

Trivia Edit

☀ The tapestry room is said to be the most haunted room in the house.

☀ Visitors are not brought upstairs on the tours.

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