This location has a GhostsWikia rating of five. This means that it has more then two ghosts
Ft Henry01

Fort Henry


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John 'Gunner' Smith Was a rifleman who lived and worked in the fort. His ghost is mainly active in the Dry Ditch area of the fort (The area between the walls and the body of the fort). Gunner Smith died during the famous battle of Fort Henry. He was stationed on top of the fort walls. His cannon malfunctioned and exploded, sending Smith flying backwards off of the wall and into the fort. He then fell into the dry ditch to die. People have reported seeing an injured man lying in the area where Gunner Smith died and have also heard the sounds of voices around the area. It wasn't during the war, it was just simply his gun.

Nils Von SchultzEdit

Nils Von Schultz was in fact a French general. .He was kidnapped by the British int Henry, near Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It is a colonial fort built by the British during the war with America to protect their territory from Newed American threat (though it found itself defending against the French more often). The fort has since stopped being in use and is now a place of public interest, preserved for historical sake. The fort is very actively haunted by at least two ghosts. For a number of reasons it is a candidate for the title of the most haunted place in Canada.

==John 'Gunner' Smith== 1837 during the war and was sentenced to death then hung with 6 of his men and they say you see a man in blue wondering the fort at night

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