Fishers Ghost Creek

Fishers Ghost Creek is a small stream that runs near the town of Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia. It a tributary to the Bow Bowing Bunburry Creek which is in turn a tributary to Georges river. The Creek was once a stream but the Campbelltown area was prone to flooding and so in recent years, Fishers Ghost Creek has become a storm water drain and the 'Creek' is now very built up and mechanised. It has a small dam that also filters out leaves and other debris from the stream. The Stream runs through a Park and nearby a motorway

Fishers Ghost Creek is also Famously Haunted

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Fred FisherEdit

In 1826, Fred Fisher was a former convict who had been pardoned and had bought thirty acres of land around what is now Campbelltown. Fisher had became very successful using his land, he was among the first people to make paper in New South Wales. Fisher's neighbour was another landowning ex-convict named George Worrall, who was not as successful as Fisher. Fisher got into debt and was in danger of having his land seized by the law, in order to avoid this he signed it over to Worrall. The authorities saw this as a form of evasion and took Fisher into custody.

Fisher was imprisoned for six months. During this time, George Worrall claimed that the land once owned by Fisher belonged to him and that Fisher had given it to him just before he went to prison. Worrall began using Fishers land for farming. When Fred Fisher got out of prison six months later, the first thing he done was find George Worrall. Fisher trusted Worrall and believed that he would give him his land back. This was not the case however, As Worrall had always been jealous of Fishers land and was happy to own it. George Worrall stalked Fred Fisher and killed him at what is now Fishers Ghost Creek.

After this, Worrall started wearing Fishers clothes and claimed that after Fisher had gotten out of prison he had gone back to England, and that before he left he had given Worrall 'Power of Attorney' over his general affairs and an indefinite lease on what was his land. Worrall began to sell some of Fishers possessions, such as a horse, to the people of Campbelltown. When asked what boat Fisher had boarded to return to Britain, Worrall answered that Fisher had taken a ship called the 'Lost St Vincent'. When people discovered that there had been no such boat that had docked from Sydney, suspicion fell on Worrall. Worrall reacted to this by forging a letter from Fisher telling him that he was alright in England and that he was unlikely to ever return to Australia.

Four months after Fred Fisher had been murdered. A Man named John Farley was making his way home from the pub when he saw the ghost of Fred Fisher sitting on a bridge. According to Farley, the ghost did not say anything but instead pointed to the Creek where he was killed. Farley was shocked and ran to a hotel to tell the people what had happened, this incident, coupled with George Worrall's strange behaviour, led the police to launch an investigation into the whereabouts of Fisher. The Policeman who held the investigation was George Luland. Luland took an Aboriginal named Gilbert to the creek, Gilbert than tasted the water and said that he could taste the 'Fat of a white fellow'. They then started searching the ground around the creek by pushing rods into it. Eventually further up the creek they discovered the buried body of Fred Fisher. The Police arrested George Worrall and he was hanged one week later.

Since then, the Creek has been named 'Fishers Ghost Creek' in honour of the story, and every year the people of Campbelltown hold the 'Fishers Ghost Festival' to remember the story and celebrate the capture of George Worrall. Fishers ghost himself is sought after, and is said to sometimes be seen around the creek or sitting on the bridge where he appeared to John Farley. It has even been told that Fishers ghost haunt's all of Campbelltown wanders the entire area at all times.

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