As much excitement and fear there is with ghost hunting, caution and warning is advised. The spirits of the dead can be dangerous if you are not prepared for the manifestation. The spirits can attack a person(s) both physically and emotionally without proper spiritual protection; which is why before you go ghost hunting, it is advised that someone or a group of people who are of a religious cult, a priest, or a shaman be present throughout the entire ghost hunt. These kinds of people have experience dealing with these kinds of supernatural phenomenon. Remember, if you are not ready both mentally and physically for ghost hunting, DON'T try it.

One thing that is true is that there is more than one kind of ghost. Until you are sure with what kind of spirit you are dealing with, be VERY CAREFUL for not all spirits are spirits of dead people. Some spirits that haunt a place are either or both dark spirits and demonic spirits; both which can physically attack someone without warning.

Another thing to consider before going on a ghost hunt is to never go alone, for the reasons are explained in the first and second paragraph of this article. Always have a religious symbol with you at all times (example: a cross, holy water, etc...) Before going on a ghost hunt, get permission or some kind of legal access to the haunted place for not all caretakers and/or government officials are willing to let ghost hunters to trample upon the premisis. You will need basic equipment with you (example: a flashlight, a camera, a video camera, a thermometer, etc...) but don't overdo it. Lastly, spirits will do, what they want to do ,when they want to, so don't expect much manifestations to happen. If the ghost hunt becomes increasingly dangerous and tense spiritually, leave the premisis IMMEDIATELY (supporting reasons in the second paragraph).

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