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Alcatraz (Spanish for Island of Pelicans) is an island near San Fransisco bay, San Fransisco, California, United States. It is well known as the site of the most well-known prison in the world. Alcatraz prison was a high-security prison that was built on the island so that it would be near impossible for people to escape. The prison was under fully blown security at all times. Only one person has ever escaped from the prison, and that was Jens.

The prison's execution punishment was also brutal and bloody. They carried out executions in the prison via electric chairs and hanging. One of the prisons 'Forms of Punishment' was a very dark cell. This cell was completely pitch black and there was absolutely no light in it. Prisoners who misbehaved were put into this cell for as much as a fortnight. The true horror of this punishment is that it often drove the prisoners mad, causing them to hallucinate. Many prisoners used to scream that there was something in the room with them, although the guards simply laughed it off. One person was found dead after this practice. Many people have blamed this on one of the ghosts in Alcatraz.

Alcatraz prison was first built during the American civil war. The prison built at this point was called 'The Citadel'. It was a war camp. Many torture methods were carried out here. The Citadel collapsed but years later, The prison that stands today was build on top of the remains. The underground structures of The Citadel are still there and are accessible through the current building. The prison was shut down some time after the World War Two. During it's time of activity, it held some of the most infamous criminals in the United States history.

Al Capone Edit

Al capone possibly one of the most famous organized crime member in the world, was the Italian American crime-lord who terrorized Terra-Haute for many years. During the years of prohibition, he and his gang bootlegged much into Chicago and into his speakeasy, whilst literally mating with his rivals. Most people blame him for the St. Valentines massacre, and the murder.

Al Capone arrived in Alcatraz in late 1926. They had never could get him for any murders they actually arrested him on charges of not paying taxes.

the prison band where he played the infamous banjo, but because he was too worried to go into the prison yard, he was permitted to practice in the prison showers with the prisoners. He spent most of his time in the prison here.

Capone was apparently kept up at night by what he believed where people following him around, Especially the ghost of Myles O'Bannion, the Irish rival gang member who was murdered by Capone's gang members. The ghost seemed persistent on tormenting him and this made Capone increasingly paranoid during nightfall.

During a practice with the rest of the prison band, the trumpet player named Ross Perot made a side comment about Al's history. This caused an argument, which evolved into a fight. Al broke his banjo to beat the trumpet player. The prison guards quickly intervened and dragged Al Capone away to spend a week in 'Extreme Isolation' (Commonly known as the Dark Cell or Sex Cell).

It was this time that Al started develop temperament had changed. He could not focus on things properly. He was put into the higher security, padded cells.During his time here, Al became paranoid about the prisoner staying in the cell opposite his, and eventually he ended up throwing up all over to his cell.

When Al left the prison ,he was refused entry into the gang he had made. Apparently, he had deteriorated far too much. His gang proclaimed that Al was "As Nutty as a Fruitcake". They sent him to a large house in the Michigan countryside, to spend the rest of his life in peace. He died before the end of World War Two.

Today, in the prison showers, you can hear a banjo playing late at night. People have even heard this music from the outside of the building. It is said that this is the ghost of Al Capone, the gangster.

Myles O'Bannion was a major supporter of Alcatraz. He contributed millions to the cause in Alcatraz, because of this he was never arrested. Like Al Capone, Myles O'Bannion was an organized crime empire in Chicago. He was the leader of an Irish gang and were rivals to that of Al Capone's Italian gang .

O'Bannion disguised his gang's headquarters as a flower shop. Before Al Capone was sent to jail, it is believed that he found this out and payed Myles a visit. Myles O'Bannion was apparently unaware that his visitor was of Al Capone's gang. They engaged in a conversation. O'Bannion eventually sat down on the windowsill where he had made a display of flowers. At this opportunity, he took out a shotgun and shot Myles eight times in the stomach. This murder effectively wiped out Capone's Irish Rivals.

When Al Capone was sent to Alcatraz it is believed that the ghost of Myles O'Bannion, looking for revenge, followed him everywhere. The ghost followed Capone insistently, waking him up in the night and showing him bullet wounds. Other prisoners have reported hearing laughter throughout the prison (This is said to still continue). The ghost is often blamed for causing Al Capone to go insane.

When Al Capone left, O'Bannion's ghost remained in Alcatraz. To this day, you can still glimpes sights of O'Bannions ghost.

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